Spring equinox: Change time

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Today, March 20, the day of the spring equinox. The perfect time to start changes! We will use the moment to become more energetic, lighter and younger.

According to Ayurveda, the whole world consists of three types of energy, or three doshas: cotton, Pitta and Kaphi. In the spring, Kapha dominates, heavy and cold energy. And our body, which reacts to changes in nature, changes accordingly: swelling appears or intensifies, difficulties with digestion arise, we complain about lethargy and drowsiness, we are drawn to sweet and cold. “Warm and light dishes with a spicy, bitter or astringent taste will help to find a balance in the body in the body,” says the psychologist and Wellness-Kojach Nadia Andreev. – First of all, these are vegetables. Baked, boiled or stewed “. All types of cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes, spinach, asparagus, celery, eggplant, radishes, pepper, green peas are suitable. Excluding only zucchini and tomatoes. Extremely useful fresh greens and any sprouted seeds. From fruits, preference should be given to apples, pears, grenade, cranberries, apricots and dried fruits. It is well more often to cook buckwheat, barley and corn porridge on the water.

“Dairy products are best posted until the summer. They contribute to the formation of mucus, which during Kapha is already formed in excess, the psychologist notes. – If you abandon your favorite cottage cheese and yogurts, you are not able to eat them less often, choose low -fat (but not fat -free!) and add warming spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to them to stimulate digestion “. Any sweeteners should refuse honey.

One of the most important products at this time will be ginger, turmeric and dandelion root (it can be bought at a pharmacy). All of them have a bitter taste, which means they support the immune system and help cleanse the intestines.

Useful exercise

Yes, the spring equinox, symbolizing the change of seasons, has to change, but still you should not change the menu radically at one point: sharp jumps are associated with stress, and therefore rarely lead to long -term sustainable results. So that the “breakdowns” happen less often, determine for starters what exactly you are going to work with. For example, you want to accustom yourself to drink a glass of warm water with ginger on an empty stomach, there is fresh greens with each meal, stop overtaking, abandon the milk. “Divide the sheet into two columns


. In the first, write down why you are changing the habit that it gives you, ”says Nadia Andreeva. In the second, outline what will happen if you leave everything as it is, what your dreams and plans you will say “no”. Attach this sheet to the refrigerator or another prominent place to recall often why you are discomfort “.

What else?

Open the changes that will lead you to the goal – an easy, strong and healthy body – not only food helps.

1. Do the general cleaning. Throw away or distribute unnecessary things, give warm clothes to dry cleaning and take out light scarves, scarves and dresses.

2. Decorate the house with bright joyful flowers and pleasant smells: decorative pillows, flowers, flavored candles with notes of cinnamon, lemon, orange, grapefruit.

3. Move more. Kapha has a laziness. But it is worth forcing yourself to sign up for training or go for a run, and you will be surprised to feel how much strength is sleeping in your body. Try to go to bed and wake up early.

4. In the morning, stick your tongue in front of the mirror. Most likely, it will have a plaque on it. And the strictly you will adhere to the capha menu, the more it will be: so the digestive system is cleansed from toxins over night. Clean the plaque.

5. Refuse baking, sugar, sweets and any products that contain chemical components or are not suitable for the Kapha season. Make sure you have enough warming spices and high -quality honey at home. Find new recipes that you want to try in the next few days, and purchase everything you need to cook dishes.